Frequently Asked Questions:

What will the site do for me? We will provide you with new customers for your specialty, with no obligation.

How will these "new customers" find the site? We will advertise the site extensively, and pursue lucrative partnerships to create high quality leads for our agents.

How do I know that I won’t just get "Tire Kickers"? We enable you to cater your listing to attract the customers that you want, and weed out those that you don’t. Each agent has the opportunity to create a highly specific and targeted listing, and write his or her own bio and profile.

Who will be the target audience? Online travelers who require "real service" in their travel planning, rather than just quotes; and offline travelers who demand service, and would like to find specialists.

What do I have to lose if I don't sign on? Potentially, you could lose a significant amount of new business from across the nation, and the chance to develop your specialty.

How will Travants be different from other Internet referral services? Our staff is working diligently to make sure that every agent on our site is truly an expert in their niche. Travants provides a quality product in an easy to navigate format, and therefore is able to attract the high quality leads.

How are travel experts chosen for each specialty? The managers of the site screen each expert to make sure that they are an expert before allowing an agent to be listed.

What is our goal for this site? We hope to become the premier travel web site for the highest level of service and expertise in travel planning.

Will the customer have to pay extra for this service? We would expect the travel agent to charge customary fees competitive in every way.

Will these services be provided on the website? We supply the customers with a contact form to get in touch with our agents. The service and billing will be done off the web and on real-time bases by our agents.

What will be the responsibility of the travel agents? We expect our travel agents to respond to each inquiry in a timely manner, make certain that the customer speaks with the niche expert, and the trip is planned and scheduled in a professional manner. Quality is expected.

Are there any benefits to signing up now? Yes. We are currently experiencing a high volume of travel requests coming through our site. If you sign up today, you will be able to benefit from this flow of business.

Why will this site succeed? We will provide the traveling public with something they need and cannot find on any other travel site- expert service.

How much does it cost, and how do I sign up? Fill out our agent application form and a representative will assist you. You will be charged $5 for each lead that you accept. We require a $30 initial deposit that is assessed after we have approved you for listing on the site, and you have approved the destinations and activities under which you will appear. The entire $25 will be used for future leads.

What do I get? Your own listing on our site with the ability to create a detailed profile (example). Access to our exclusive agent-only intranet with special offers and deals. The opportunity to participate in special high-profile publications such as the TravelSavvy newsletter. The coveted "Certified Travants Specialist" graphic to display on your web site.